NetBeans Plugin

Here at DZone, we're big fans of NetBeans and any site that seems a natural fit inside the IDE wouldn't be complete without a NetBeans Plugin.

Our initial plugin was created by Tim Boudreau of the NetBeans team and is functionally equivelant to the IDEA and Eclipse plugins. This plugin lets you right-click on any member (except constructors) and jump to the documentation on JDocs in your external browser.

To download this plugin, you can follow one of two paths:

  1. Download the NBM manually and install it into NetBeans 6.0 M10 or newer.

While this is a good start, we're looking for someone to kick this to the next level. There are two problems that we see from the start with our current plugin:

  1. It uses the nightly build of NetBeans' API - Works with M10!
  2. It opens the docs in an external browser

Think you can fix these problems? If you're a NetBeans Maven, we'd love to have a NetBeans 5.5 and a NetBeans 6.0 plugin, wrapped up into an installable NBM file for everyone to use. Interested? Contact us for more details on how to get started.