Library:Apache Lucene
Compatibility:JDK 1.4
Classes in library Apache Lucene.
Analyzerorg.apache.lucene.analysisAn Analyzer builds TokenStreams, which analyze text.
BitVectororg.apache.lucene.utilOptimized implementation of a vector of bits.
BooleanClauseorg.apache.lucene.searchA clause in a BooleanQuery.
BooleanClause.Occurorg.apache.lucene.searchSpecifies how terms may occur in matching documents.
BooleanQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA Query that matches documents matching boolean combinations of other queries, e.g.
BufferedIndexInputorg.apache.lucene.storeBase implementation class for buffered IndexInput .
BufferedIndexOutputorg.apache.lucene.storeBase implementation class for buffered IndexOutput .
CachingWrapperFilterorg.apache.lucene.searchWraps another filter's result and caches it.
CharTokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysisAn abstract base class for simple, character-oriented tokenizers.
Constantsorg.apache.lucene.utilSome useful constants.
ConstantScoreQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA query that wraps a filter and simply returns a constant score equal to the query boost for every document in the filter.
ConstantScoreQuery.ConstantScorerorg.apache.lucene.searchNo description provided.
ConstantScoreQuery.ConstantWeightorg.apache.lucene.searchNo description provided.
ConstantScoreRangeQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA range query that returns a constant score equal to its boost for all documents in the range.
DateFieldorg.apache.lucene.documentProvides support for converting dates to strings and vice-versa.
DateToolsorg.apache.lucene.documentProvides support for converting dates to strings and vice-versa.
DateTools.Resolutionorg.apache.lucene.documentSpecifies the time granularity.
DefaultSimilarityorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Default scoring implementation.
Directoryorg.apache.lucene.storeA Directory is a flat list of files.
DisjunctionMaxQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA query that generates the union of the documents produced by its subqueries, and that scores each document as the maximum score for that document produced by any subquery plus a tie breaking increment for any additional matching subqueries.
Documentorg.apache.lucene.documentDocuments are the unit of indexing and search.
Explanationorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Describes the score computation for document and query.
FastCharStreamorg.apache.lucene.queryParserAn efficient implementation of JavaCC's CharStream interface.
FastCharStreamorg.apache.lucene.analysis.standardAn efficient implementation of JavaCC's CharStream interface.
Fieldorg.apache.lucene.documentA field is a section of a Document.
Field.Indexorg.apache.lucene.documentSpecifies whether and how a field should be indexed.
Field.Storeorg.apache.lucene.documentSpecifies whether and how a field should be stored.
Field.TermVectororg.apache.lucene.documentSpecifies whether and how a field should have term vectors.
FieldCache.StringIndexorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Stores term text values and document ordering data.
FieldDocorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: A ScoreDoc which also contains information about how to sort the referenced document.
FieldSortedHitQueueorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: A hit queue for sorting by hits by terms in more than one field.
Filterorg.apache.lucene.searchAbstract base class providing a mechanism to restrict searches to a subset of an index.
FilteredQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA query that applies a filter to the results of another query.
FilteredTermEnumorg.apache.lucene.searchAbstract class for enumerating a subset of all terms.
FilterIndexReaderorg.apache.lucene.indexA FilterIndexReader contains another IndexReader, which it uses as its basic source of data, possibly transforming the data along the way or providing additional functionality.
FilterIndexReader.FilterTermDocsorg.apache.lucene.indexBase class for filtering TermDocs implementations.
FilterIndexReader.FilterTermEnumorg.apache.lucene.indexBase class for filtering TermEnum implementations.
FilterIndexReader.FilterTermPositionsorg.apache.lucene.indexBase class for filtering TermPositions implementations.
FSDirectoryorg.apache.lucene.storeStraightforward implementation of Directory as a directory of files.
FuzzyQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchImplements the fuzzy search query.
FuzzyTermEnumorg.apache.lucene.searchSubclass of FilteredTermEnum for enumerating all terms that are similiar to the specified filter term.
Hitorg.apache.lucene.searchWrapper used by HitIterator to provide a lazily loaded hit from Hits .
HitCollectororg.apache.lucene.searchLower-level search API.
HitIteratororg.apache.lucene.searchAn iterator over Hits that provides lazy fetching of each document.
Hitsorg.apache.lucene.searchA ranked list of documents, used to hold search results.
IndexFileNameFilterorg.apache.lucene.indexFilename filter that accept filenames and extensions only created by Lucene.
IndexInputorg.apache.lucene.storeAbstract base class for input from a file in a Directory .
IndexModifierorg.apache.lucene.indexA class to modify an index, i.e.
IndexOutputorg.apache.lucene.storeAbstract base class for output to a file in a Directory.
IndexReaderorg.apache.lucene.indexIndexReader is an abstract class, providing an interface for accessing an index.
IndexReader.FieldOptionorg.apache.lucene.indexNo description provided.
IndexSearcherorg.apache.lucene.searchImplements search over a single IndexReader.
IndexWriterorg.apache.lucene.indexAn IndexWriter creates and maintains an index.
ISOLatin1AccentFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysisA filter that replaces accented characters in the ISO Latin 1 character set (ISO-8859-1) by their unaccented equivalent.
KeywordAnalyzerorg.apache.lucene.analysis"Tokenizes" the entire stream as a single token.
KeywordTokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysisEmits the entire input as a single token.
LengthFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysisRemoves words that are too long and too short from the stream.
LetterTokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysisA LetterTokenizer is a tokenizer that divides text at non-letters.
Lockorg.apache.lucene.storeAn interprocess mutex lock.
Lock.Withorg.apache.lucene.storeUtility class for executing code with exclusive access.
LowerCaseFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysisNormalizes token text to lower case.
LowerCaseTokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysisLowerCaseTokenizer performs the function of LetterTokenizer and LowerCaseFilter together.
LucenePackageorg.apache.luceneLucene's package information, including version.
MatchAllDocsQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA query that matches all documents.
MMapDirectoryorg.apache.lucene.storeFile-based Directory implementation that uses mmap for input.
MultiFieldQueryParserorg.apache.lucene.queryParserA QueryParser which constructs queries to search multiple fields.
MultiPhraseQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchMultiPhraseQuery is a generalized version of PhraseQuery, with an added method add(Term[]) .
MultipleTermPositionsorg.apache.lucene.indexDescribe class MultipleTermPositions here.
MultiReaderorg.apache.lucene.indexAn IndexReader which reads multiple indexes, appending their content.
MultiSearcherorg.apache.lucene.searchImplements search over a set of Searchables.
MultiTermQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA Query that matches documents containing a subset of terms provided by a FilteredTermEnum enumeration.
NumberToolsorg.apache.lucene.documentProvides support for converting longs to Strings, and back again.
ParallelMultiSearcherorg.apache.lucene.searchImplements parallel search over a set of Searchables.
ParallelReaderorg.apache.lucene.indexAn IndexReader which reads multiple, parallel indexes.
Parameterorg.apache.lucene.utilA serializable Enum class.
PerFieldAnalyzerWrapperorg.apache.lucene.analysisThis analyzer is used to facilitate scenarios where different fields require different analysis techniques.
PhraseQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA Query that matches documents containing a particular sequence of terms.
PorterStemFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysisTransforms the token stream as per the Porter stemming algorithm.
PrefixQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA Query that matches documents containing terms with a specified prefix.
PriorityQueueorg.apache.lucene.utilA PriorityQueue maintains a partial ordering of its elements such that the least element can always be found in constant time.
Queryorg.apache.lucene.searchThe abstract base class for queries.
QueryFilterorg.apache.lucene.searchConstrains search results to only match those which also match a provided query.
QueryParserorg.apache.lucene.queryParserThis class is generated by JavaCC.
QueryParser.Operatororg.apache.lucene.queryParserThe default operator for parsing queries.
QueryParserTokenManagerorg.apache.lucene.queryParserNo description provided.
QueryTermVectororg.apache.lucene.searchNo description provided.
RAMDirectoryorg.apache.lucene.storeA memory-resident Directory implementation.
RAMOutputStreamorg.apache.lucene.storeA memory-resident IndexOutput implementation.
RangeFilterorg.apache.lucene.searchA Filter that restricts search results to a range of values in a given field.
RangeQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA Query that matches documents within an exclusive range.
RemoteSearchableorg.apache.lucene.searchA remote searchable implementation.
ReqExclScorerorg.apache.lucene.searchA Scorer for queries with a required subscorer and an excluding (prohibited) subscorer.
ReqOptSumScorerorg.apache.lucene.searchA Scorer for queries with a required part and an optional part.
ScoreDocorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Returned by low-level search implementations.
Scorerorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Common scoring functionality for different types of queries.
Searcherorg.apache.lucene.searchAn abstract base class for search implementations.
SegmentTermPositionVectororg.apache.lucene.indexCopyright 2004 The Apache Software Foundation Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
Similarityorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Scoring API.
SimilarityDelegatororg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Delegating scoring implementation.
SimpleAnalyzerorg.apache.lucene.analysisAn Analyzer that filters LetterTokenizer with LowerCaseFilter.
SmallFloatorg.apache.lucene.utilFloating point numbers smaller than 32 bits.
Sortorg.apache.lucene.searchEncapsulates sort criteria for returned hits.
SortComparatororg.apache.lucene.searchAbstract base class for sorting hits returned by a Query.
SortFieldorg.apache.lucene.searchStores information about how to sort documents by terms in an individual field. spans near the beginning of a field. spans which are near one another. matches which overlap with another SpanQuery. the union of its clauses. class for span-based queries. spans containing a term.
StandardAnalyzerorg.apache.lucene.analysis.standardFilters StandardTokenizer with StandardFilter , LowerCaseFilter and StopFilter , using a list of English stop words.
StandardFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysis.standardNormalizes tokens extracted with StandardTokenizer .
StandardTokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysis.standardA grammar-based tokenizer constructed with JavaCC.
StandardTokenizerTokenManagerorg.apache.lucene.analysis.standardNo description provided.
StopAnalyzerorg.apache.lucene.analysisFilters LetterTokenizer with LowerCaseFilter and StopFilter.
StopFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysisRemoves stop words from a token stream.
StringHelperorg.apache.lucene.utilMethods for manipulating strings.
Termorg.apache.lucene.indexA Term represents a word from text.
TermEnumorg.apache.lucene.indexAbstract class for enumerating terms.
TermQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchA Query that matches documents containing a term.
TermVectorOffsetInfoorg.apache.lucene.indexCopyright 2004 The Apache Software Foundation Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
Tokenorg.apache.lucene.queryParserDescribes the input token stream.
Tokenorg.apache.lucene.analysisA Token is an occurence of a term from the text of a field.
Tokenorg.apache.lucene.analysis.standardDescribes the input token stream.
TokenFilterorg.apache.lucene.analysisA TokenFilter is a TokenStream whose input is another token stream.
Tokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysisA Tokenizer is a TokenStream whose input is a Reader.
TokenStreamorg.apache.lucene.analysisA TokenStream enumerates the sequence of tokens, either from fields of a document or from query text.
TopDocCollectororg.apache.lucene.searchA HitCollector implementation that collects the top-scoring documents, returning them as a TopDocs .
TopDocsorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Returned by low-level search implementations.
TopFieldDocCollectororg.apache.lucene.searchA HitCollector implementation that collects the top-sorting documents, returning them as a TopFieldDocs .
TopFieldDocsorg.apache.lucene.searchExpert: Returned by low-level sorted search implementations.
ToStringUtilsorg.apache.lucene.utilCopyright 2005 The Apache Software Foundation Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
WhitespaceAnalyzerorg.apache.lucene.analysisAn Analyzer that uses WhitespaceTokenizer.
WhitespaceTokenizerorg.apache.lucene.analysisA WhitespaceTokenizer is a tokenizer that divides text at whitespace.
WildcardQueryorg.apache.lucene.searchImplements the wildcard search query.
WildcardTermEnumorg.apache.lucene.searchSubclass of FilteredTermEnum for enumerating all terms that match the specified wildcard filter term.
WordlistLoaderorg.apache.lucene.analysisLoader for text files that represent a list of stopwords.