Compatibility:JDK 1.5
Interfaces in library Freemarker.
AdapterTemplateModelfreemarker.templateSupplemental interface that can be implemented by classes that also implement any of the TemplateModel interfaces.
CacheStoragefreemarker.cacheCache storage abstracts away the storage aspects of a cache - associating an object with a key, retrieval and removal via the key.
DebuggedEnvironmentfreemarker.debugRepresents the debugger-side mirror of a debugged Environment object in the remote VM.
Debuggerfreemarker.debugThe main debugger interface.
DebuggerListenerfreemarker.debugAn interface for components that wish to receive debugging events.
DebugModelfreemarker.debugRepresents the debugger-side mirror of a TemplateModel object, a Template object, or a Configuration object.
LocalContextfreemarker.coreAn interface that represents a local context.
ModelFactoryfreemarker.ext.utilInternal interface used to create various wrapper models in the ModelCache .

An object that knows how to "wrap" a java object as a TemplateModel instance.

TemplateBooleanModelfreemarker.templateObjects that will be interpreted as true/false in the appropriate context must implement this interface.
TemplateCollectionModelfreemarker.templateThis interface can be implemented by a class to make a variable "foreach-able", i.e.
TemplateDateModelfreemarker.templateDate values in a template data model must implement this interface.
TemplateExceptionHandlerfreemarker.templateAn API for objects that handle exceptions that are thrown during template rendering.
TemplateHashModelfreemarker.templateHashes in a data model must implement this interface.

An extended hash interface with a couple of extra hooks.

TemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheA template loader is an object that can find the source stream for a template, can retrieve its time of last modification as well as the stream itself.
TemplateMethodModelfreemarker.templateObjects that act as methods in a template data model must implement this interface.
TemplateMethodModelExfreemarker.templateA subinterface of TemplateMethodModel that acts on models, rather than on strings.

This is a marker interface that indicates that an object can be put in a template's data model.

TemplateModelAdapterfreemarker.templateImplemented by classes that serve as adapters for template model objects in some other object model.
TemplateModelIteratorfreemarker.templateThis interface is used to iterate over a set of template models, and is usually returned from an instance of TemplateCollectionModel .
TemplateNodeModelfreemarker.templateDescribes objects that are nodes in a tree.
TemplateNumberModelfreemarker.templateNumeric values in a template data model must implement this interface.
TemplateScalarModelfreemarker.templateString values in a template data model must implement this interface.
TemplateSequenceModelfreemarker.templateList values in a template data model whose elements are accessed by the index operator should implement this interface.
TemplateTransformModelfreemarker.templateObjects that implement this interface can be used in a <transform> block to perform arbitrary transformations on a part of the template processing output.
TransformControlfreemarker.templateAn interface that can be implemented by writers returned from getWriter(Writer, Map) .
WrapperTemplateModelfreemarker.ext.utilA generic interface for template models that wrap some underlying object, and wish to provide access to the wrapped object.
XPathSupportfreemarker.ext.domNo description provided.