Compatibility:JDK 1.5
Classes in library Freemarker.
AllHttpScopesHashModelfreemarker.ext.servletAn extension of SimpleHash that looks up keys in the hash, then in the request, session, and servlet context scopes.
ArithmeticEnginefreemarker.coreClass to perform arithmetic operations.
ArithmeticEngine.BigDecimalEnginefreemarker.coreThis is the default arithmetic engine in FreeMarker.
ArithmeticEngine.ConservativeEnginefreemarker.coreAn arithmetic engine that conservatively widens the operation arguments to extent that they can hold the result of the operation.

A class that will wrap an arbitrary array into TemplateCollectionModel and TemplateSequenceModel interfaces.

BeanModelfreemarker.ext.beansA class that will wrap an arbitrary object into TemplateHashModel interface allowing calls to arbitrary property getters and invocation of accessible methods on the object from a template using the to access properties and, arg2) to invoke methods on it.
BeansWrapperfreemarker.ext.beansUtility class that provides generic services to reflection classes.

A class that will wrap instances of Boolean into a TemplateBooleanModel .

Breakpointfreemarker.debugRepresents a breakpoint location consisting of a template name and a line number.
CaptureOutputfreemarker.template.utilityA transform that captures the output of a block of FTL code and stores that in a variable.
ClassTemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheA TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through getResourceAsStream(String) as its source of templates.
ClassUtilfreemarker.template.utilityNo description provided.
CollectionAndSequencefreemarker.coreAdd sequence capabilities to an existing collection, or vice versa.

A special case of BeanModel that can wrap Java collections and that implements the TemplateCollectionModel in order to be usable in a <foreach> block.

Collections12freemarker.template.utilityImplementation of missing JDK 1.3 collection features for JDK 1.2
CommandLinefreemarker.coreFreeMarker command-line utility, the Main-Class of freemarker.jar.
Commentfreemarker.coreA template element where the content is ignored, a Comment.
Configurablefreemarker.coreThis is a common superclass of Configuration , Template , and Environment classes.
Configurationfreemarker.templateMain entry point into the FreeMarker API, this class encapsulates the various configuration parameters with which FreeMarker is run, as well as serves as a central template loading and caching point.
Constantsfreemarker.template.utilityFrequently used constant TemplateModel values.
CustomAttributefreemarker.coreA class that allows one to associate custom data with a configuration, a template, or environment.
DateModelfreemarker.ext.beansWraps arbitrary subclass of Date into a reflective model.
DebugBreakfreemarker.coreNo description provided.
DebuggerClientfreemarker.debugA utility class that allows you to connect to the FreeMarker debugger service running on a specific host and port.
DebuggerServicefreemarker.debug.implThis class provides debugging hooks for the core FreeMarker engine.
DeepUnwrapfreemarker.template.utilityUtility methods for unwrapping TemplateModel -s.

The default implementation of the ObjectWrapper interface.

DOMNodeModelfreemarker.template.utilityA convenient wrapper class for wrapping a Node in the W3C DOM API.
EmptyMapfreemarker.templateNo description provided.

A class that adds TemplateModelIterator functionality to the Enumeration interface implementers.

Environmentfreemarker.coreObject that represents the runtime environment during template processing.
Environment.Namespacefreemarker.coreNo description provided.
EnvironmentSuspendedEventfreemarker.debugEvent describing a suspension of an environment (ie because it hit a breakpoint).
EventForwardingfreemarker.ext.jspAn instance of this class should be registered as a <listener> in the web.xml descriptor in order to correctly dispatch events to event listeners that are specified in TLD files.

Gives FreeMarker the the ability to execute external commands.

Expressionfreemarker.coreAn abstract class for nodes in the parse tree that represent a FreeMarker expression.
FileTemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheA TemplateLoader that uses files in a specified directory as the source of templates.
FMParserfreemarker.coreThis class is generated by JavaCC from a grammar file.

This is a general-purpose FreeMarker view servlet.

FreemarkerTagfreemarker.ext.jspSimple implementation of JSP tag to allow use of FreeMarker templates in JSP.
FreeMarkerTreefreemarker.coreNo description provided.

This is an Ant task for transforming XML documents using FreeMarker templates.

HashAdapterfreemarker.ext.beansNo description provided.
HtmlEscapefreemarker.template.utilityPerforms an HTML escape of a given template fragment.
HttpRequestHashModelfreemarker.ext.servletTemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpServletRequest attributes.
HttpRequestParametersHashModelfreemarker.ext.servletTemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpServletRequest parameters.
HttpSessionHashModelfreemarker.ext.servletTemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpSession attributes.
IdentityHashMapfreemarker.ext.utilA variant of HashMap that uses identityHashCode(Object) for hashing, and reference comparison instead of equals(Object) .

A class that adds TemplateModelIterator functionality to the Iterator interface implementers.

JythonAntTaskfreemarker.ext.antUsed internally, public for technical reasons only.
JythonHashModelfreemarker.ext.jythonModel for Jython dictionaries ( PyDictionary and PyStringMap ).
JythonModelfreemarker.ext.jythonGeneric model for arbitrary Jython objects.
JythonNumberModelfreemarker.ext.jythonModel for Jython numeric objects ( PyInteger , PyLong , PyFloat ).
JythonRuntimefreemarker.template.utilityA crude first pass at an embeddable Jython interpreter
JythonSequenceModelfreemarker.ext.jythonModel for Jython sequence objects ( PySequence descendants).
JythonWrapperfreemarker.ext.jythonAn object wrapper that wraps Jython objects into FreeMarker template models and vice versa.
LibraryLoadfreemarker.coreAn instruction that gets another template and processes it within the current template.
LocalizedStringfreemarker.templateAn abstract base class for scalars that vary by locale.
Loggerfreemarker.logThe FreeMarker logging facility.
Macrofreemarker.coreAn element representing a macro declaration.

A special case of BeanModel that adds implementation for TemplateMethodModelEx on map objects that is a shortcut for the Map.get() method.

ModelCachefreemarker.ext.utilInternally used by various wrapper implementations to implement model caching.
MruCacheStoragefreemarker.cacheA cache storage that implements a two-level Most Recently Used cache.
MultiTemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheA TemplateLoader that uses a set of other loaders to load the templates.

A data model adapter for three widespread XML document object model representations: W3C DOM, dom4j, and JDOM.

NodeListModelfreemarker.ext.jdomProvides a template for wrapping JDOM objects.
NodeModelfreemarker.ext.domA base class for wrapping a W3C DOM Node as a FreeMarker template model.

Transformer that supports FreeMarker legacy behavior: all newlines appearing within the transformed area will be transformed into the platform's default newline.

NumberModelfreemarker.ext.beansWraps arbitrary subclass of Number into a reflective model.
ObjectConstructorfreemarker.template.utilityAn object that you can make available in a template to instantiate arbitrary beans-wrapped objects in a template.
OptimizerUtilfreemarker.template.utilityNo description provided.
ResourceBundleLocalizedStringfreemarker.templateA concrete implementation of LocalizedString that gets a localized string from a ResourceBundle

A hash model that wraps a resource bundle.

ReturnInstructionfreemarker.coreRepresents a <return> instruction to jump out of a macro.

Experimental: no backward compatibility guarantees; any feedback is highly welcome!


Experimental: no backward compatibility guarantees; any feedback is highly welcome!


Experimental: no backward compatibility guarantees; any feedback is highly welcome!

SecurityUtilitiesfreemarker.template.utilityNo description provided.
ServletContextHashModelfreemarker.ext.servletTemplateHashModel wrapper for a ServletContext attributes.
SimpleCharStreamfreemarker.coreAn implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
SimpleCollectionfreemarker.templateA simple implementation of TemplateCollectionModel .
SimpleDatefreemarker.templateA simple implementation of the TemplateDateModel interface.

A simple implementation of the TemplateHashModelEx interface, using an underlying Map or SortedMap .

SimpleListfreemarker.templateThis is a trivial subclass that exists for backward compatibility with the SimpleList from FreeMarker Classic.
SimpleMapModelfreemarker.ext.beansModel used by BeansWrapper when simpleMapWrapper mode is enabled.
SimpleNumberfreemarker.templateA simple implementation of the TemplateNumberModel interface.

The default implementation of the ObjectWrapper interface.

SimpleScalarfreemarker.templateA simple implementation of the TemplateScalarModel interface, using a String.

A convenient implementation of a list.

SoftCacheStoragefreemarker.cacheStrong cache storage is a cache storage that uses SoftReference objects to hold the objects it was passed, therefore allows the garbage collector to purge the cache when it determines that it wants to free up memory.

A filter that compresses each sequence of consecutive whitespace to a single line break (if the sequence contains a line break) or a single space.

StringArraySequencefreemarker.coreSequence variable implementation that wraps a String[] with relatively low resource utilization.
StringModelfreemarker.ext.beansSubclass of BeanModel that exposes the return value of the toString() method through the TemplateScalarModel interface.
StringTemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheA TemplateLoader that uses a Map with Strings as its source of templates.
StringUtilfreemarker.template.utilitySome text related utilities.
StrongCacheStoragefreemarker.cacheStrong cache storage is a cache storage that simply wraps a HashMap .
TaglibFactoryfreemarker.ext.jspA hash model associated with a servlet context that can load JSP tag libraries associated with that servlet context.

A core FreeMarker API that represents a compiled template.

TemplateCachefreemarker.cacheA class that performs caching and on-demand loading of the templates.
TemplateElementfreemarker.coreObjects that represent elements in the compiled tree representation of the template necessarily descend from this abstract class.
TemplateModelListSequencefreemarker.templateSequence that wraps a java.util.List of already wrapped objects directly, with minimal resource usage.
TemplateObjectfreemarker.coreObjects that represent instructions or expressions in the compiled tree representation of the template all descend from this abstract base class.
TextBlockfreemarker.coreA TemplateElement representing a block of plain text.
ToCanonicalfreemarker.template.utilityRead in a template and convert it to a canonical format.
Transformfreemarker.ext.domA class that contains a main() method for command-line invocation of a FreeMarker XML transformation.
UnlinkedJythonOperationsImplfreemarker.ext.antUsed internally, public for technical reasons only.
URLTemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheThis is an abstract template loader that can load templates whose location can be described by an URL.
WebappTemplateLoaderfreemarker.cacheA TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through getResource(String) as its source of templates.
WrappingTemplateModelfreemarker.templateA base class for containers that wrap arbitrary Java objects into TemplateModel instances.
XmlEscapefreemarker.template.utilityPerforms an XML escaping of a given template fragment.