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2.23.2009: XpoLog Center Plugin Released

We now have an XpoLog plugin that allows you to search for exceptions on JDocs directly from the stack traces in your logs.

10.18.2007: Maven2 Javadoc Plugin Released

We now have a Maven2 plugin that allows you to run the javadoc goal and get an output that can be uploaded to our repository. If you are using Ant, you can find the Ant task here.

08.29.2007: NetBeans Plugin Released

We didn't feel it was fair to leave out NetBeans in our plugin plans, so we've released our first cut at a JDocs NetBeans plugin. Just download the plugin and install it manually into NetBeans to use it. We're still looking to make sure improvements, but check out the NetBeans Plugin page for more info and the download links.

08.27.2007: IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Released

After some excellent help from DZone community member, Janni Kovacs and the guys over at JetBrains, we've released our first IDEA plugin. The plugin makes use of the new built-in HTML browser in 6.0.6 and 7.0 to display JDocs classes, methods, fields and more directly inside IDEA. We've got some nice improvements planned, but check out the IDEA Plugin page for more info and the download links.

08.05.2007: Eclipse Europa Plugin Released

We've just released a JDocs plugin compatible with Eclipse 3.3 (Europa Release). Please see the plugin page. Thanks to Kristof Jozsa for contributing this plugin.

07.05.2007: Eclipse Plugin Updated, Other IDEs Coming Soon

In the last two days, we believe we've fixed the issues with the update site and Eclipse and have some nice news coming in the next week about our NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA support. We've got initial versions done in house and are just working on getting them cleaned up for the public.

07.03.2007: JDocs 2.0 Beta Now Online!

For more than a year we have been quietly working on a major update to JDocs, the community documentation system for Java. We learned a great deal from our first foray into this territory, and the radically enhanced JDocs 2.0 system has improvements that address most of the major problems with the original system.

Some of the cool new features include:

  • Support for Java SE Documentation
  • A powerful Ajax-driven interface
  • Support for the latest Java language enhancements
  • Wiki-based, versioned annotations at every level
  • Easy access to full API source code, when available
  • Plugins for popular IDEs (Eclipse today, NetBeans and IntelliJ coming)
  • Support for multiple versions of any API
  • Convenient, ant-based API updates by package owners
  • Support for personal API "favorites"
  • Quick switching between classic "javadoc" and JDocs styling
New: Eclipse plugin released.

You can now download an Eclipse plugin to view javadocs for your favorite API available through JDocs right in your Eclipse IDE. Download the plugin here.

Training and consulting services promotion

Businesses providing training and consulting services around popular frameworks can now promote their services in the javadoc pages of packages that they are active contributes on. See an example of a sponsored framework page for the Struts lirary: Library, Package and Class (see "Services" tab for package and class). Email us if you're interested.